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Guide for lvl 19+

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Posted 05 September 2015 - 06:05 PM

1. Ninja Rank: After completing some tasks and reaching certain level, you’llbe able to activate ‘Ninja Rank”. You have to pay attention and upgrade yourNinja Rank. Ninja Rank will decides how much salary you can receive which cangive you abundant silver, and upgrading Ninja Rank to certain level willincrease the number of Ninjas you can bring with you to battle.
2. Daily Salary: Click on character avatar can receive daily salary thatincludes silver and s ability points. (S Ability Points can light up S AbilityScroll skills and upgrade the whole team’s battle power.)

3. S Ability Scroll: After you upgrade to certain level, the S. Ability Scroll icon will pop up. Lighting up each point within the S. Ability Scroll will addattribute points to the team. You get S. Ability Points from Ninja Daily Salaryand first time passing a level. When you lighted two pages of S. AbilityScroll, your character’s name will become purple (this is related to S.Weapon).

4. Money Tasks (Daily Tasks): This is a great place to get money and items. You can accept up to 10 times per day and get corresponding points for completingthe tasks. The points will be accumulated to get the rewards on the right handside. (Note: You should always do the Double Reward, this will give you lots ofpoints.)

5. Daily Arena: Arena is the place to get prestige and prestige helps you upgrade your Ninja Rank. You can pick up a reward box everyday at 7:30pm. Thereward box will include abundant prestige points and materials for forgingweapons. The reward box contents will change according to your ranking in theArena.

6. Daily Check-in: You can get abundant silver, scrolls and other items at Daily Check-in based on how many days you continually check-in. Not only do youget these rewards, the points you get at Daily Check-in can also be exchangedfor items in the Redeem page.

7. Chakra Practice: You must do this. You can Practice Chakra for free threetimes per day. This is the fastest way upgrade your Battle Point. However, thiscost a lot of money, as it starts charging Silver after the first 3 times.

8. S. Weapon and Realm: Both your character and Ninjas can upgrade battle power by equipping with S. Weapon. The way to get S. Weapon is to win in Realm. TheS. Weapon can be upgraded by using your extra S. Weapon, so don’t sell any ofthem!

9. Summon Beast System: You can use silver, scroll or Gold to upgrade you Summon Beast. One and Two Tail Beast can be upgraded up to Level 10. If you use silver, you can gain a few experience points with chances of getting S. Crit.Using Gold and Scroll can give you more experiences and higher chances of S. Crit, with chances of getting L. Crt. S Crit onlyupgrade in experiences. L Crit can upgrade level directly.

10. Treasure Map: You can hunt for treasure for 5 times per day. You can usesilver to refresh 5

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