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[ALL SERVER] Server merge introduction

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:46 PM

Server Merger Announcement

We are announcing that we will be performing a server merger tomorrow starting from 10am.


Server Merge : Server 1 [Guan Yu], Server 2 [Cao Cao], Server 3 [Zhuge Liang]

 Server Merge Period : 30th of July, 1000hrs to 1500hrs

 Server Merge Details 

In order to prevent an overflow of character data within our servers, characters that fulfill ALL THREE of the below criteria would be marked as inactive and purged.

·         Townhall Level lower than 40.

·         30 days or more of inactivity.

·         No prior topup records.

*: Characters in servers not involved with the merge will not be affected.


Regarding Duplicate names

If the player has several characters with the same name and capitalization after the merge, they will be allowed to change the name ONCE upon login after the merge is done.

Players will encounter a character select screen when they login in the future.

Players will also be able to login to multiple characters under the same account simultaneously.

If there are clans with the same name and capitalization after the server is merged, clans who are within newer servers will have a chance to change their name ONCE.


Alert : Regarding topups !!

The player MUST select a character to be DEFAULT within the character select screen in order for that character to receive gold for any topups.

If at any time the player wish to topup to the other character, they MUST change the DEFAULT character at the character selection screen.


Effects of Merging

1.       Currently occupied Mineral and Farm resources will be reset.

2.       All cities’ allegiance and world interface mines and farms will be reset. NPC will regain control of these resources and cities.

         However, players will not be moved out of the city until the first City War determines the new ownership of the cities.

3.       Current applications for City Wars and Mine wars for all clans will be reset.

4.       Current pillage war applications will be reset.

5.       Vassals will be reset.

6.       A new location will be assigned to the player’s castle within the city interface.

7.       Ongoing events will be reset.

8.       Pagoda rankings will be cleared.

9.       Infamy rankings will be cleared.

10.   Battle Reports data will be cleared.

11.   City development values will take on the highest values between all the servers.

12.   Country/Government donation will be the total of all servers combined.

13.   Government will be cleared. Throne war will take place again on Sunday.

14.   Venture system reset

15.   Rule the World system reset.

Compensation for server merger




GM05, RMS R3K Team.

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:51 PM

Dear Players of R3K,
Very sorry for the delays in the server merge but it will be further delayed in order for us to setup some additional features before the merge. There seems to a be a slip up where GM05 has mistaken the date of the merge to be on today as well.
To answer some questions sent to me via in game mail and forum message.
1. Characters in server AP1 will not be allowed to change their names. Characters with conflicting names to AP1 characters will be allowed to change their names.
2. This international server will be using GST+8 time zone. Therefore all daylight savings time related bugs currently being encountered will be eliminated after the merge.
3. The compensation is based on date of server creation and launch rather than relative strength and weakness.
Hope this answers some of your queries.

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